We're simply here because 13 years ago, the State IFW and Sportsman's Alliance of Maine abandoned providing a website due to cost and volunteers not being able to provide this type of service any longer. That year I was drawn for a moose permit in Maine and was given Zone 23, there was no help available to swap a moose permit that year, there was very little public land to hunt on, there were very few moose in that zone and as of now, it isn't even a zone choice anymore! So after my unsuccessful moose hunt, I decided to contact the IFW and SAM to get the okay to develop a website to assist ALL Maine Moose Hunters with one  "Single" place for all people each year that needed to make a Permit Swap for their lottery drawn permit they are issued. I was given the blessings and cheered on by both entities because the IFW had no funding to produce a website and SAM had no funding or volunteers to run the site they use to have.  Being a website developer and an avid sportsman here in Maine, I decided to create a website for us all to swap moose permits in one location online! 

So in a nutshell... This site will work to find a swap partner if everyone joins this website when they need to swap a moose permit. There's is no single place on the internet that is better than the original Moose Permit Swapping website and if you just read this...this is where you need to be to find your swap!  

Steve Beckwith - Web Devloper

This site was created for Maine Hunters!    

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