The 2017 Best of Beast Photo Contest is Brought To You By.... Wicked Water Graphics


Best of The Beast Photo Contest

This year 2017 is going to be AWESOME for the winner of the Best of the Beast Photo Contest!

Wicked Water Graphics is our 2017 Best of Beast Photo Contest Sponsor!

Winner will receive a FREE custom Hydrographic Gun Dipping (No AR's or Scopes)
A great way to customize your favorite Rifle or Shorgun!

Courtney Flagg & Kaitlyn Flagg is the 2017  Best of the Beast contest winner!

Sister team took this zone 3 bull on 9/28. Courtney Flagg was the permittee, and I was the sub permittee. Shot with .308, 264yrds, 2 shots, 2 hits, dropped in his tracks, 716lbs, 43” spread. Our dad John Flagg and uncle Dean helped us on the hunt, and uncle Toby hosted us at his house and showed us the area the first 2 days of the hunt. Great memories made with the family, and a full freezer this winter.

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