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Try using FireFox, Google Chrome or Safari browsers or updating your browser to a current browser!
If you do not receive a password and username after making payment.. please Click here to contact us using this form! Check your spam folder or it could be lost in cyberspace, we will issue a new one manually. 
If you have logged in before... And return another time to log in and the system does not accept your Username and Password. Close your browser, open it again and try it again! If this does not work Re-boot your computer and try again. If that does not work contact us and we will reset your Username and Password for you. Or..You can return to log in area, put in your known Username, and press forgot password!   Follow steps to reset password.
Changing that LONG password the system issues if you received one! 
1- Click on the Login/Logout tab at the top right of any page on our website.  
2-Under the login box area Click the link that say's Forgot Your Password?
3-A page will load and it asks for the email address you used when filling out the swap form. Enter that and hit Submit tab!
4,A verification token will be sent to you You will need to wait for this to arrive BY EMAIL to the address you provided. It can take a few minutes to arrive into your email inbox.
5. Once the email arrives with the token. Highlight and copy this token making sure you get every number & letter of this entire token code sent when you copy. Now click the link from the email that takes you to the box screen needed to entr the token code, and paste this into the box provided on that page!
6. If you paste it correctly you should arrive at a page that allows you to enter your new SHORTER password that you can remember into the boxes twice and hit submit!
7.Now you can log in using your USERXXXX name we provided and your own password. 

Registered Site User Tips

I paid, I have Username and Password... What Next?  
Find Log In/Logout box at top of any page, enter your login information press LOGIN button.
After you log in, you will see the SWAP LIST tab at top of any page, click this tab. Then scroll down the list and locate a perspective swapping partner and e-mail or call on the phone (CALLING IS BEST!), using the corresponding link or phone number to the swap you wish to contact.  
The swapping information you need to follow is located on the DIF&W website, link can be found on our site using top tabs. Or go directly from here.. Click For DIF&W Website.
1 - If you have made your payment using our shopping carts and the payment went through and you are charged the $34.95 fee on your Credit Card or Checking .. You will receive an email and login information.  
- Make sure your browser is upgraded to a current upgrade. Example: IE (Internet Explorer) Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome all work great if you have the current upgrade version.
3 -This site is for your personal use only.Your payment to enter website is for one permit holders use only. No materials may be copied or printed from this website without written permission from the website owner.
4 - You may not change your issued permit Zone, Season or Type of permit, without first contacting the administrator explaining why this needs to be changed. Anyone attempting to list more then one permit without paying for the additional permit your account will be closed.
5 - Corporate account holders may use this site to assist their clients with swaps, if your client would like to be listed, you or your client must pay and register for that permit information be listed on this website. 
6 - if you other questions please use Contact Us tab
7- After you find a swap for your moose permit, remember you still need to complete the necessary steps to make the swap official with the DIF&W: Below is copied information from the DIFW website use their link to below this information to find any additional details out about your swap requirements with the DIF&W:

Once you find someone to swap your moose permit with, you must send a written swap letter (one letter only signed by both permittee's) or complete the moose swap application to: Moose Permit Swap, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, 284 State Street, 41 SHS, Augusta, ME 04333. The fee to swap permits is $7.00 (one check for $7.00 covers both of you).

The letter must include your name, permit number, permit type, season, and WMD, as well as the name, permit number, permit type, season, and WMD of the person you are swapping with. Remember, the letter must be signed by both permittee's. The letter or moose swap application, as well as the $7.00 fee permit swap fee, must be received by the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife in Augusta by July 24, 2015 in order to make the permit swap. Swaps will not be allowed after this deadline.

Make checks payable to: "Treasurer, State of Maine". Please do not send cash.

DIF&W Webpage Click here 

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